What does a Marketing Agency do?

Particularly an Internet Marketing Agency?

Also called an online marketing agency in the US and a digital marketing agency in the UK, it provides internet marketing for small business. Small business marketing is typically not done in-house, as most small companies (up to 500 employees) don’t have their own marketing department, or it is insufficiently manned to accomplish the entire scope of what constitute marketing on the internet today.

Like an Architect in the construction industry, internet marketing consultants have acquired highly technical knowledge and field expertise allowing them to design a customized strategy, which will make it possible for their clients to see their dream come true.

Like a General Contractor who reads a plan and hires the best available resources in the different specialized construction trades to execute the plan, a top internet marketing agency understand the marketing strategy handed to them by the marketing consultant, and get it executed, thus providing the business owner with a return in their investment which exceeds their wildest expectations.

Depending on its size and resources, an Internet Marketing Agency today, combine both the Marketing Consulting aspect – the design of the marketing strategy – and the execution branch, which most often consists of a Graphic Design department, a Web Design Department, a Video Marketing department, an Advertising department, a Social Marketing department, and a Public Relation branch. And the smarter and most creative internet marketing agency today also has a Reputation Marketing department.

Larger Marketing firms will have all the above departments, but a smaller internet agency will specialize in some of them, and will typically “contract” an advertising agency. Why hire an ad agency? While there is much income being made by the most professional advertising firms, it is also a specialty which is more time consuming and where the margin of error is quasi inexistent! So, many internet marketers prefer a smaller share of that profit, rather than risk losing more that they can recoup!

Can a Small Business afford today, to ignore marketing its products and services on the Internet?

Internet Marketing is a recent concept, and still largely misunderstood by most people in our society.

Marketing consists of bringing one’s products – or services – to the “market”! A simple concept which has been so distorted that when we see some advertisement on TV or on billboards along our highways, one sometimes wonder what type of drugs the marketer was on!

But going back to its roots, the term is a simple concept: A farmer produces apples and will bring them to the market so as to sell them and being able to purchase what he needs to continue producing apples! The market is where the merchants display their goods so potential customers can buy them. It is where potential customers go – or are – when they want to buy something. We say they are “in the market” for such and such product or service! So the first duty of an honest marketer is to understand where his clients’ prospects are or go to. This is no different on the internet!

Further, when one looks at a Farmers’ market we see that some people care for produce, while others don’t, but care for animal products. What a certain category of the “public” – those individuals who are at the receiving end of a message, a promotional message – want to buy, is called a niche. And producers often specialize in catering to such and such niches! Again so it is on the internet.

So a “market” is where the “publics” are, and a “niche” is what a category of the public want to purchase. And a business’ specific public consists of those entities, the business want to promote his goods to.

Now if you are lucky enough to live in a large agglomeration, your local market will likely be a very busy concern, your potential publics will be numerous, and niches will be more specialized. But if you live in a village, it would be a major mistake to try to cater to publics who are in the market for commercial buildings! If you are in a larger metropolitan, it would possibly be smart.

Now, this is where the internet enters the scene. If you are a Swiss Watch maker, and you live in the middle of farm lands in Vermont – yes, they are not all in China! – you won’t find enough publics to sell to and thus stay alive. However, if you ask your internet marketing agency to find where swiss watch collectors hang on, you will make a mint!

On the streets of a village, people go to the farmer’s market and search for something they may be interested in. And they will often drive hundreds of miles to go find an Outlets Mall, so they can spend their money on some more “interesting” stuff. Superstores understood this some times ago. Superstores are not producers, they are marketers. They bring producers’ stuff where interested publics are, and sell their goods, keeping a good margin of the profit.

Superstores have pretty high costs with warehousing and transporting the goods, and having enough personnel to care for the sales floor – or “supermarket”! At least this is how they too often justify robbing producers dry.

So we have here in essence what a marketer is. What a marketing agency does – either on the internet or through traditional mass media.

And sometimes, Marketers wonder why in hell did their client decided to cater for such or such niche, without having first seek the services of a marketing agency to do some primary homework. There is a sequence in producing products. Businesses who have a bright idea and decide to create tons of gizmos without having any ideas about where their market is or even if there is one, often go bankrupt! Especially before he internet.

The correct sequence is to observe and find out what the people in the area are crazy for. Let’s say it is blue fabric. Then one does a small run of blue fabric or one import some and test the market. If the observation step was well done, the blue fabric should be sold out the first day and people should be lined up for more! Then one can produce blue fabric in volume. Then investing in machines which turn blue fabric by the miles makes sense. This is how large fortune have been made.

But with the advent of the internet, a good internet marketing agency can find today, markets and niches which one would have never discovered locally. And one can cater to these niches. It is very real today, thanks to the internet, to make a decent living by promoting to the public of specific – even though sometimes obscure  – niches.

One can find where publics are and one can address them with well crafted messages and sell what one has.

An internet marketing agency provide solutions to businesses who don’t have a large enough local niche by bringing their goods online.

Selling and marketing on the internet is actually simpler than trying to sell on the streets of ones’ town. And when one knows what one is doing, one can enjoy wild successes.

However, even if it is in essence simpler, it is a very precise technology, and anyone who has dabbled in direct sales, in Pay Per Click (PPC), in SEO, etc, etc, will tell you, they lost more – money and/or time – than they will care to admit. Just like one wouldn’t open a restaurant in a community of Vegetarians and hope to sell them the most juicy and tender steaks, one shouldn’t go on the “internet” and try to peddle ones goods to the wrong crowd. The internet – for example Facebook or Google or Amazon, the largest internet companies – can fast become a very empty place when one says the wrong thing to the wrong public too often!

Just like our grand-parents, who were able to get their horse go where they wanted them to go, didn’t become mechanics just because they liked the idea of cars, business owners don’t become internet marketers just because they like the idea of amassing a large crowd of fans on Facebook. There are literally millions of Facebook pages which have been abandoned on the back internet alleys. And if you read this article, you probably tried and abandoned one yourself!

But again, just like because someone failed to be successful after having opened a restaurant a few months earlier – and lost his retirement in the process – it is not the fact of opening a restaurant which was a bad idea. It was doing it without having any clue about how to make it succeed.

So here is the good news!

A professional Internet Marketing and Advertising Agency such as Prosperous Concepts, can help you and your business expand and become a true market leader and make your dreams come true.

We do so using proven techniques and personalized strategies, strategies which take your resources into account, and which generate more revenue than they cost.

We believe we can help you, and we believe that your success is our success.

We believe we don’t deserve to manage your marketing budget if we don’t make it grow rapidly and make your business expand.

We believe that your success determines our reputation, and that with a bad reputation we likely won’t get a second chance. Which is why Reputation on the internet is so important. It must be monitored and managed. and it should be marketed if a small business wants to compete on a plan where he can win. A business’ Reputation is the single asset which a shark cannot compete with. A shark can make gizmo’s cheaper and sell them cheaper. But their reputation will shortly degrade to the point where a small and reputable local business will start to thrive.

Now, What?

According to our preliminary research,

  • Your business has less than 500 employee and so you are a small business – check!
  • Your business’s public is located at a short distance of your primary location and so you are local – check!
  • And you have no clue about how to take advantage of the internet, how to generate, much less sustain, an income online, or how to monitor or manage your reputation. You never even heard of how to market a reputation and how it is the single key to make you the market leader online you dreamed to become when you started your career. Therefore you could benefit of some real help – check!

And so we are here, ready to get to work for you. Give our agency a chance to prove to you we deserve your trust in marketing your business on the internet.

Call us today at (727) 403-0482 for a free consultation. You won’t regret it!