Why I Founded Prosperous Concepts?

I wanted Prosperity! I wanted a business I wouldn’t need or want to retire from? 

  • A business which would provide me with a sense of accomplishment and the funds and energy allowing my dreams to become a reality.
  • A business which would provide me with the resources and the funds to significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of my communities.
  • A business which would provide my family with a comfortable lifestyle, and a schedule allowing us to enjoy quality time together.
  • A business which provide its clients with indispensable services and products of the highest standard of quality, at a price they couldn’t beat

And along the way, I realized 2 things: 

  1. The MVPs – the Most Valuable Players – of our society do have such a business! And
  2. All my friends – that they succeed and have such a business or not – have the same aspiration!

So I started to research and look for the ingredients required to build such a business and be successful at it.

Here is what I found exist in a successful and prosperous business:

  1. A Valuable and viable product, which can be exchanged in volume to generate Prosperity.
  2. An ability to communicate what it is, so those who are looking for it realize they found it when they see it or hear about it! Communication lines both inside and outside the company are open and alive.
  3. A trained and ethical staff
  4. Promotion/Advertizing: A way to contact prospective clients and deliver our message.
  5. A Prosperous Marketing strategy, a funnel where prospective clients can acquire
    1. A high value entrance product or service at no cost to them, to gain the certainty and trust needed for them to decide if they want more
    2. A High value product or service which introduce to them to a full core product or service, and which is going to let them acquire the trust and certainty that if such product or service is so good while so affordable, they definitely should go ahead and take advantage of the full core offer or become a repeat client. Such product doesn’t make a business viable, but it makes its customer acquisition affordable and allow it to find its ideal clients
    3. A Full core product or service which is the very reason for the business to exist.
  6. An efficient finance system
  7. A viable fulfillment solution
  8. A Spot-on Quality control and impeccable customer service.
  9. A perfect image (brand & reputation), so prospective clients can find the business and trust they will be in good hands.
  10. An Efficient Loyalty programs
  11. Referrals

I then I analyzed the above and found out that while most entrepreneurs are good at spotting existing community problems and offering their solution in both quality, quantity and “viability”, two factors will determine if they eventually make or break their dream:

1. Being there, and
2. Communicating


Customer Acquisition is – and has always been –
the hardest part for business owners!
“Where to be and When?”, and
“What to Communicate and How”
is usually harder than it seems.


And this is where I specialized. I made it my call and mission!

Today, about any problem a business has can be resolved.
A specialist or a software exist to improve any situation.
But their cost is not always affordable! 

However, cost is not an issue WHEN enough clients buy enough of a company’s products or services!

So enough clients is most often the issue!
Affordable Customer Acquisition is my mission!

So, I thought, what if I delivered first! and then you pay me? What if I first gave you $5, would you then give me $1 back?

I mean, if you offer your service in your own premises, and if I sent clients to your office, practice or establishment – who would pay for your service in full, without coupons or staff training or equipment modification – would you THEN give them 10% cash back and give me an extra 10% of what they paid as an acquisition fee? And if those clients were satisfied with your services, how many more such clients could I send you each month?

I mean if you operate at your clients place, and if I got clients to call you, asking you if you could provide the service you offer in the area you operate in? And if you were happy with the quality of these inquiries, and they were themselves happy with your services, would you want me to send you more of them your way and would you consider to THEN paying me a fair fee in exchange for my leads?

In other words, if I sent you business – patients, customers or clients – at no charge to see if we have a fit – and THEN, if they appreciate your services and if you in turn like the quality of my leads – would you be interested?


If yes, Free Clients on the House is what I offer!

I need reputable businesses to work with and send business to!

A good problem to have! But will you take me up and qualify?

YES? Great! I want to talk to you.

Please fill in this application and book an appointment.

Apply Now

Do it now, first come first serve 🙂

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