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Reputation comes first! Reputation means prior customers speak highly of the services, products, atmosphere and staff attitude they experienced while visiting the business referred to in the web page being visited. A restaurant with good reviews is tempting. A restaurant with too many bad reviews compared to the good ones gets declined.

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Traffic consists of directing volume of targeted identities to a Web Page - a link - where they are expected to respond favorably. Send vegetarians to a Vegetarian restaurant, offering a mouth watering dish and they will flock toward that restaurant. Send the same vegetarians to a Steak House offering the most juicy and expensive steak at a ridiculously low price, and you wasted the cost of that advertizing! 

Funnel conversion consists of offering something of high value, at a price that will say "yes".
Funnel conversion is much like dating. Go to a blind date and ask her to marry you on that same date, and this is the end of that potential relationship.
Provide a great evening, and ask her for another date and she will gladly exchange her phone number.
It is called a Funnel, because many are called on top, and through carefully designed steps, the trust you gradiently build will allow you to find your perfect client who will gladly acquire you best value - the service or product you are most proud of.

Monitor Your Reviews

Use our Free software to find out what people say about you online

Build a 5 Star Reputation

6 to 10 5 Star Reviews recently posted on each of the key 15-20 major directories, and be noticed and recognized as a leader in your market

Market Your Reputation

Now that your business, your products and services are very well thought of, now that you have created the dream business you envisioned when you started, let those looking for you and your services know that you have what they are looking for.

The Top Benefits of Reputation Marketing

  • When a satisfied customer, client or patient tells a friend about how satisfied he is with you and your services, he/she talk to ONE person. Marketing your reputation is like word-of-mouth with thousands of people all year long
  • When 90% of your potential customers are checking you online after having seen an ad or been referred to you, and your enjoy a 5 Star reputation, they are thrilled. When your reputation is so-so, you just gave your business to your competition on a silver platter
  • When a potential client look for you and your online presence is dominating the internet, you are perceived as a leader in your market
  • When you benefit of a 5 Star Reputation online, your advertizing becomes extremely profitable 

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